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 The Tribes of Shenandoah

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meaa45 (Tonks)


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PostSubject: The Tribes of Shenandoah   Sat May 30, 2009 10:48 am

On an island,invisible to both human eyes,and their technology,are dragons.Previously driven out Europe-not with out reason-their ancestors were forced to this island,where they could no longer disturb humankind.Over time they grew peaceful and formed tribes on this island,or Shenandoah.Occasionally there are fights over territory,or banished dragons attempt to return.But not now.'Now' is the golden age of the tribes.A pact has been signed,to keep the peace,and there is less rogues,fierce teenage dragons,with the hot blood of their ancestors.Now you have washed up on the island. Ryuu, Pendragon, and Naiad come to you as you awaken
"Will you join us?"asks Ryuu
"Or be banished to the desert"booms Pendragon
"What is your choice?"adds kind Naiad

What do you choose?

I.Follow the forum rules
II:If you have read this please type 'Naga' with your form.

Personality (optional):

They gain their energy from the sun,it brightness fueling their magic.Thusly,their lands are sunny and bright at the southern half of the island.They have much prey,but only one source of water,a lake in the center of their territory.Their names are much like humans.




Working dragons;

They live underneath the whole of the island,in a huge cave system,thus much of their food is bats,and pale cave fish.They gain their power from the crystals,and cannot live anywhere else for long periods of time.They do not banish the hotbloods in their tribe,instead five of of them make up the Kindat,or masked ones.Their names always end in dragon,and all their leaders are named Pendragon.


The Kindat:

Working dragons:

They gain their power from the water,and thus most of their territory is water.Much of what they eat is fish with the occasional seal,and they have the ability to drink salt water if necessary.They live in the northern half of island.Their names are in two parts,and typically have to do with the sea.



Medicine dragon:
Coral Wave

Working dragons:
Abalone shell

They live in the desert,in a small nearby island,where it is difficult to survive.Angry and fierce,their are many fights here.It is a difficult world.

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GoGirl! [Katie Bell]


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PostSubject: Re: The Tribes of Shenandoah   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:52 pm

(Did you make this up? It's cool. NAGA!)

Name: Coral-Wave
Tribe :Poseidon (obviously from my name)
Appearence: Silver with a blue shimmer
Personality:shy and dreamy
power: medicine dragon (That's what I'm supposed to put here, right?)
other: never procrastinates. Wakes up w/ the sunny
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The Tribes of Shenandoah
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