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For all of us crazy fanatics from WI who want to battle it out for our side, and have some fun.
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 Outside the office door...

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meaa45 (Tonks)


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PostSubject: Outside the office door...   Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:15 am

N Here I am,sitting at the computer typing,and listening to my favorite Michael card.Outside however...The craziness that is my my life goes on. It's funny how that can get boring,but however amazing that sounds,It is drop-dead boring.Maybe not to you-I mean you don't have five siblings,do you.
*Sigh* At the moment my little sis Topaz (Not her real name) is talking to my baby brother Joel (again,not his real name).I wonder why I'm the only one who doesn't go
"Awww you so cwute wittle bubby!"
It just sounds stupid I suppose.When I was five,I practically vowed not to look stupid.Sadly,I'm not doing such a good job,at least in my mind.I barely ever trip up,but when I do it's a big mistake.Ugh,and I never let myself forget it,and I barely ever forgive myself.I'm just glad today is not one of those days when that's the only thing I can think about.They're very depressing.Typically I do my best to ignore them,but if you do it stretches on for weeks.Just a little while ago I had a record maker-three weeks.Argh,and all over a mistake in WI.But,strangely enough I got over it by making a charrie that pretty much represents myself in those times-GA Nymphadora ryans.My dark side.Trust me,you wouldn't like her much.
Anyway-I gotta get to work so Sayonara!

I've been thinking.I have had a bowl of progresso chicken noodle soup for lunch nearly every day for two years.That's a long time...No my school doesn't serve progresso soup-I don't got to school for that matter.I'm home schooled,and am going to go to 'Real' school soon.
I'm afraid of large groups of people.
I'm not sure I'll know enough.
And I'm not particularly good at math.
I mean I'm okay,but I usually end up making some small mistake that screws the whole thing up.Sigh....and my parents still think I've inherited my dads supposed math genes.You see,he's an engineer-a really good engineer apparently.I have never ever wanted to do a career involving lots of math.I wanted to be a writer,an illustrator or both (probably both).Ugh...They keep going on about G.P.A.,and how much fun it'll be,etcetera.They're not helping.
At all.
Bye y'all

So far today has been perfectly awful!Lets go through the list-
Dad yelled at me for no reason
Dad disabled the computer-again!
He turned it off because my little sis Ruby takes two days to clean the kitchen.(No joke)
I typically do that job three times a day
I typically finish it within half an hour

*Sigh*...If I'm not careful,he'll just change the reason four or five times-like last time!At least I have a plan.

Plan A;
1:Get Ruby to clean the kitchen
2:Get her to keep it clean!Before,during,and after he's here
3:My homework is on the computer.Tell him that at about seven when he's all settled in to WOW(world of war craft)-making sure the kitchen is clean
4:After he fixes it-Keep an active threat to delete ruby's DOMO charrie.

This should work-I don't see anyway that it can't!Unless-No.There is no possible way this won't work.

I asked my sibs to write what they thought of me,this is what I got-

i(I) hate wen(when) you call me 6 (six years old)!!!!!!! i(I) like (It) wen(when) you help me whith(with) my math.

Its so hard to teach her...)

I hate your muic(music).about you.Um........Ugrrrrrrrrrrr(Sometimes grr).Somtime's yaaaaaaaa(Sometimes yay).and muic(Music)

(Topaz has officially declared that she hates all music-so I don't take this too personally)


i(I) love your muic (music). and you ar (are) disckadinght (?)

(...What is all this about my music?)

Pug(other little brother:older then joel);

(Pug can't write-sides' he doesn't even try)
"Oh and guess what I did with what you said you thought of"(Me)
"lemme guess-you made a story out of it"(Ruby)
"I put it on on internet"(M)
*Maniacal laughter*(M)
"You did what!?"(R)
*Maniacal laughter*"Soo...How do you feel about that"(M)
"No comment"(R)
Smart kid


David tennant is retiring!
He's The docter......
and He's being replaced by Matt smith
He better be good.

Good bye.

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Kat [Fred]

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PostSubject: Re: Outside the office door...   Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:21 pm

That's cool, Mea. LIke a blog.

I'm homeschooled, and going to real school next year. Smile
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meaa45 (Tonks)


Posts : 306
Join date : 2009-03-07
Location : In the T.A.R.D.I.S. :)

PostSubject: Re: Outside the office door...   Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Outside the office door...   

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Outside the office door...
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